The problem: Crowders Ridge is at capacity and demand continues to grow.

Our summer dates are completely full and our fall and spring weekend dates are almost full as well. This creates a unique problem for our organization – how will we continue to impact as many kids as possible?

The answer: we’re going to build a camp.

In the past five years, Crowders Ridge has grown to reach nearly 6,000 campers per summer and countless more on the weekends. We’ve steadily grown, and now we’re running out of space.

So let’s answer the obvious question: why not just build more buildings at Crowders Ridge? 

One of our core values states that camp is a relational incubator, and allows personal relationships to grow and flourish faster than other camp experiences. We believe that exceeding our current capacity of 400 will become too large to be personal. Our current occupancy is the perfect size to have a large camp feel but also small enough to keep personal relationships at the core of our ministry.

We need a strategic partner.

We believe in developing great partnerships with great foundations and individuals that have a mission to change lives. We need a strategic partnership to help us build Crowders Spring.

The Plan

The total projected cost of this project is $4.2 million. This budget would allow us to have an excellent camp program by summer of 2020. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what that cost includes:



27 total, each holding 15 campers

$30,000 per cabin

Gathering Space

5,000 square feet, holding up to 400 campers


Dining Hall

5,000 square feet, holding 225 campers


Water Park

lazy river, pool, water slides



roads, wells, septic, erosion control


Furniture and Equipment

bunk beds, presentation, recreation equipment


If you would like more information about this partnership, contact us below. We’d love to schedule a visit, show you more detailed plans, and discuss the potential of a future partnership.